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Sedlmaier, Stefan J.; Dennenwaldt, Teresa; Scheu, Christina; Schnick, Wolfgang (2012): Template-free inorganic synthesis of silica-based nanotubes and their self-assembly to mesocrystals. In: Journal of Materials Chemistry, Vol. 22, Nr. 31: S. 15511-15513




A novel synthesis approach for silica-based nanotubes (NTs) was discovered in the purely inorganic system containing the molecular compounds OP(NH2)3, SP(NH2)3 and SiCl4 in evacuated and sealed silica glass ampoules. Without any solvent or structure directing template the amorphous NTs self-organise to form orthogonally ordered, 3D hyperbranched mesocrystals, exhibiting an interesting material for nanofluidic device applications.