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Schneider, Matthias N.; Biquard, Xavier; Stiewe, Christian; Schröder, Thorsten; Urban, Philipp; Oeckler, Oliver (2012): From metastable to stable modifications-in situ Laue diffraction investigation of diffusion processes during the phase transitions of (GeTe)nSb₂Te₃ (6 < n < 15) crystals. In: Chemical communications, Vol. 48, Nr. 16: S. 2192-2194




Temperature dependent phase transitions of compounds (GeTe)(n)Sb₂Te₃ (n = 6, 12, 15) have been investigated by in situ microfocus Laue diffraction. Diffusion processes involving cation defect ordering at similar to 300 degrees C lead to different nanostructures which are correlated to changes of the thermoelectric characteristics.