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Herbert, Birgit; Strauß, Angelika; Mayer, Andrea; Duvinage, Kristin; Mitschek, Christine und Koletzko, Berthold (Mai 2013): Implementation process and acceptance of a setting based prevention programme to promote healthy lifestyle in preschool children. In: Health Education Journal, Vol. 72, Nr. 3: S. 363-372


Objective: Evaluation of the implementation process of a kindergarten-based intervention ('TigerKids') to promote a healthy lifestyle. Design: Questionnaire survey among kindergarten teachers about programme implementation and acceptance. Setting: Kindergartens in Bavaria, Germany. Methods: Two hundred and fifteen kindergartens were included; 96.3 % returned informative questionnaires. `TigerKids' is a multi-approach behavioural intervention programme to increase physical activity level and to promote healthy eating in preschool children. Project elements and materials are designed for kindergarten teachers, children, and their parents. The main outcome measures of the study are implementation, acceptance, and estimated effectiveness of the intervention programme. Results: The elements for promoting healthy lifestyle were implemented regularly in the participating kindergartens: 94.2 % used the drinking station daily, 75.8 % prepared the magic fruit plate daily, and 63.3 % carried out the activity programme at least two times per week. The educators reported that the children ate more fruits and vegetables, drank more non-sugared beverages, and were more active. The designed materials and elements for the children, the educators, and the parents were also evaluated positively by the kindergarten teachers. Conclusion: The `TigerKids' programme is a suitable instrument for health promotion in the kindergarten setting.