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Rink, Elke; Wullimann, Mario F. (2004): Connections of the ventral telencephalon (subpallium) in the zebrafish (Danio rerio). In: Brain Research, Vol. 1011, No. 2: pp. 206-220
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Connections of the medial precommissural subpallial ventral telencephalon, i.e., dorsal (Vd, interpreted as part of striatum) and ventral (Vv, interpreted as part of septum) nuclei of area ventralis telencephali, were studied in the zebrafish (Danio rerio) using two tracer substances (DiI or biocytin). The following major afferent nuclei to Vd/Vv were identified: medial and posterior pallial zones of dorsal telencephalic area, and the subpallial supracommissural and postcommissural nuclei of the ventral telencephalic area, the olfactory bulb, dorsal entopeduncular, anterior and posterior parvocellular preoptic and suprachiasmatic nuclei, anterior, dorsal and central posterior dorsal thalamic, as well as rostrolateral nuclei, periventricular nucleus of the posterior tuberculum, posterior tuberal nucleus, various tuberal hypothalamic nuclei, dorsal tegmental nucleus, superior reticular nucleus, locus coeruleus, and superior raphe nucleus. Efferent projections of the ventral telencephalon terminate in the supracommissural nucleus of area ventralis telencephali, the posterior zone of area dorsalis telencephali, habenula, periventricular pretectum, paracommissural nucleus, posterior dorsal thalamus, preoptic region, midline posterior tuberculum (especially the area dorsal to the posterior tuberal nucleus), tuberal (midline) hypothalamus and interpeduncular nucleus. Strong reciprocal interconnections likely exist between septum and preoptic region/midline hypothalamus and between striatum and dorsal thalamus (dopaminergic) posterior tuberculum. Regarding ascending activating/modulatory systems, the pallium shares with the subpallium inputs from the (noradrenergic) locus coeruleus, and the (serotoninergic) superior raphe, while the subpallium additionally receives such inputs from the (dopaminergic) posterior tuberculum, the (putative cholinergic) superior reticular nucleus, and the (putative histaminergic) caudal hypothamalic zone. (C) 2004 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.