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Trotter, Ludwig, Davies, Nigel, Prange, Sarah, Alt, Florian and Khamis, Mohamed (2018): Design Considerations for Secure and Usable Authentication on Situated Displays. In: 17Th International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia (Mum 2018): pp. 483-490

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Users often need to authenticate at situated displays in order to, for example, make purchases, access sensitive information, or confirm an identity. However, the exposure of interactions in public spaces introduces a large attack surface (e.g., observation, smudge or thermal attacks). A plethora of authentication models and input modalities that aim at disguising users' input has been presented in the past. However, a comprehensive analysis on the requirements for secure and usable authentication on public displays is still missing. This work presents 13 design considerations suitable to inform practitioners and researchers during the development process of authentication systems for situated displays in public spaces. It draws on a comprehensive analysis of prior literature and subsequent discussion with five experts in the fields of pervasive displays, human-computer-interaction and usable security.

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