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Vögele, Catharina; Ohliger, Ursula Alexandra (2020): Verschiedene politische Ebenen, ähnliche Perzeption? Wie Journalist*innen auf Bundes- und Landesebene die politische Umfrageberichterstattung wahrnehmen. In: Scm Studies in Communication and Media, Vol. 9, No. 4: pp. 627-650
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


Election polls are essential within the political reporting before federal and state elections, but also between campaign phases at all political levels. Journalists play an important role regarding the selection and interpretation of political opinion polls, as most voters perceive the prognoses via mass media coverage. Although media survey reporting is also becoming increasingly important at the state level, there are hardly any findings available for this specific level or on the comparison between the federal and state level. Therefore, the study examines how journalists at both political levels assess and perceive political survey reporting. The study is based on two quantitative online surveys of correspondents of the Federal Press Conference (N = 214) and of parliamentary correspondents at the state level (N = 292) in Germany. Results: reveal that although federal and state parliamentary correspondents agree that election surveys are an important and helpful component of political reporting, they also fear negative effects of survey reporting on voting behavior. There are differences between the correspondents at both political levels regarding the desired frequency of survey reporting and, to some extent, with regard to the mentioned methodological information on the surveys within the reporting.