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Sorbie, Adam; Delgado Jiménez, Rosa; Benakis, Corinne ORCID: 0000-0001-6463-7949 (24. February 2022): Increasing transparency and reproducibility in stroke-microbiota research : A toolbox for microbiota analysis. In: iScience [Forthcoming]
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


Homeostasis of gut microbiota is crucial in maintaining human health. Alterations, or “dysbiosis”, are increasingly implicated in human diseases, such as cancer, inflammatory bowel diseases and more recently neurological disorders. In ischemic stroke patients, gut microbial profiles are markedly different compared to healthy controls, while manipulation of microbiota in animal models of stroke, modulates outcome, further implicating microbiota in stroke pathobiology. Despite this, evidence for the involvement of specific microbes or microbial products and microbial signatures have yet to be identified, likely due to differences in methodology, data analysis and confounding variables between different studies. Here, we provide a set of guidelines to enable researchers to conduct high quality, reproducible and transparent microbiota studies, focusing on 16S rRNA sequencing in the emerging subfield of the stroke-microbiota. In doing so, we aim to facilitate novel and reproducible associations between the microbiota and brain diseases including stroke, and translation into clinical practice.