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Gall, Helmut; Bähren, Wolfgang; Sparwaser, C. H.; Scherb, Wolfgang; Stief, Christian Georg und Holzki, G. (März 1990): Diagnosis of venous incompetence inerectile dysfunction. Comparative study of cavernosography and doppler ultrasound. In: Urology, Vol. 35, Nr. 3: S. 235-238


In 26 of 214 patients with erectile dysfunction and proved venous incompetence by cavernosography, an additional bidirectional Doppler ultrasound was performed also to demonstrate venous outflow disturbances. All except one leakage in the superficial and deep dorsal veins could be demonstrated as well as 4 of 6 cavernosum-glandular shunts. Bidirectional Doppler ultrasound visualized a continuous retrograde blood flow from the sulcus coronarius to the root of the penis in superficial and deep dorsal penile veins as well as in ectopic penile veins, an orthograde blood flow in the sulcus coronarius in cavernosum-glandular shunt.