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Müller, Thomas; Gievers, Marcel; Fröml, Heinrich; Diehl, Sebastian and Chiocchetta, Alessio (2021): Shape effects of localized losses in quantum wires: Dissipative resonances and nonequilibrium universality. In: Physical Review B, Vol. 104, No. 15, 155431

Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


We study the effects of the spacial structure of localized single-particle losses in weakly interacting fermionic quantum wires. We show that multiple dissipative impurities give rise to resonant effects visible in the transport properties and the particles' momentum distribution. These resonances can enhance or suppress the effective particle losses in the wire. Moreover, we investigate the interplay between interactions and the impurity shape and find that, differently from the coherent scatterer case, the impurity shape modifies the scaling of the scattering probabilities close to the Fermi momentum. We show that, while the fluctuation-induced quantum Zeno effect is robust against the shape of the impurities, the fluctuation-induced transparency is lifted continuously. This is reflected in the emergence of a continuous line of fixed points in the renormalization group flow of the scattering probabilities.

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