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Mumm, Jan-Niclas; Klehr, Benedikt; Rodler, Severin; Kretschmer, Alexander; Vilsmaier, Theresa; Westhofen, Thilo; Chaloupka, Michael; Schulz, Gerald Bastian; Gozzi, Christian; Rehder, Peter; May, Florian; Homberg, Roland; Stief, Christian G.; Grabbert, Markus and Bauer, Ricarda M. (2021): Five-Year Results of a Prospective Multicenter Trial: AdVance XP for Postprostatectomy-Incontinence in Patients with Favorable Prognostic Factors. In: Urologia Internationalis, Vol. 105, No. 5-6: pp. 421-427

Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


Objective: The aim of this study was to assess the security, value, and efficacy of the second-generation AdVance male sling XP (Boston Scientific (R)), after implementation in 2010 with advantageous modifications in the sling structure and needle shape, in a prospective multicenter long-term follow-up study. Methods: In total, 115 patients were included. Exclusion criteria were earlier incontinence (UI) surgery, nocturnal UI, former radiotherapy, or night-time incontinence. We also excluded patients with a functional urethra <1 cm in a preoperatively performed repositioning test. A consistent 24-h pad test, International Quality of Life (IQOL) score, visual analog pain scale (VAS), International Consultation-Incontinence Questionnaire (ICIQ-UI SF), International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF-5), International Prostate Symptom Score (IPSS), and Patient Global Impression of Improvement (PGI-I) scores were requested postoperatively. Results: The 24-month follow-up (114 patients) revealed 64.0% cured and 28.8% improved patients. Mean urine loss was reduced significantly to 19.0 g (p < 0.001). A mean PGI score of 1.5 and a mean VAS score of 0.2 were obtained. The 60-month follow-up (59 patients) revealed 57.6% cured and 25.4% improved patients. Mean urine loss was reduced significantly to 18.3 g (p < 0.001). A mean PGI score of 1.6 and a mean VAS score of 0.2 were obtained. Conclusions: The AdVance XP displays excellent continence results and secure effectiveness over a 5-year period. Moreover, these data are demonstrating low complication rates and improved quality of life in the long-term use of AdVance XP.

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