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Nef, Holger M.; Achenbach, Stephan; Birkemeyer, Ralf; Bufe, Alexander; Doerr, Oliver; Elsaesser, Albrecht; Gaede, Luise; Gori, Tommaso; Hoffmeister, Hans M.; Hofmann, Felix J.; Katus, Hugo A.; Liebetrau, Christoph; Massberg, Steffen; Pauschinger, Matthias; Schmitz, Thomas; Sueselbeck, Tim; Voelker, Wolfram; Wiebe, Jens; Zahn, Ralf; Hamm, Christian; Zeiher, Andreas M. and Moellmann, Helge (2021): Manual der Arbeitsgruppe Interventionelle Kardiologie (AGIK) der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Kardiologie – Herz- und Kreislaufforschung e. V. (DGK). Teil 1: „Durchführung der diagnostischen Herzkatheteruntersuchung“. In: Kardiologe, Vol. 15, No. 4: pp. 370-403

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This manual on diagnostic cardiac catheterization (part 1) is a recommendation for application by interventional cardiologists, which reflects the latest evidence in interventional cardiology. Each chapter was designed to focus on the everyday practicability and to provide decision support in the daily clinical routine of the catheter laboratory. Despite the practical advice by many experts, this manual cannot replace the medical evaluation of each individual patient and thus an adaptation of the diagnostics or treatment is necessary.

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