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Ondze, J. C. Nzobadila; Rebeiro, B. M.; Triambak, S.; Atar, L.; Ball, G. C.; Bildstein, V.; Burbadge, C.; Varela, A. Diaz; Faestermann, T.; Garrett, P. E.; Hertenberger, R.; Kamil, M.; Lindsay, R.; Orce, J. N.; Radich, A. and Wirth, H-F (2021): Investigation of pair-correlated 0(+) states in Ba-134 via the Ba-136(p, t) reaction. In: Physical Review C, Vol. 103, No. 3, 34329

Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


We performed a high resolution study of 0(+) states in Ba-134 using the Ba-136(p, t) two-neutron transfer reaction. Our experiment shows a significant portion of the L = 0 pair-transfer strength concentrated at excited 0(+) levels in Ba-134. Potential implications in the context of Xe-136 -> Ba-136 neutrinoless double beta decay matrix element calculations are briefly discussed.

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