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Pinto Ribeiro, Pedro Cristiano; Amann, Niklas; Alba Alejandre, Irene; Kost, Bernd; Mahner, Sven and Kaltofen, Till (2021): Persistent increase of beta-hCG level after salpingectomy in tubal pregnancy: Good or bad news? In: Clinical Case Reports, Vol. 9, No. 4: pp. 2369-2372

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Heterotopic pregnancy is a rare event in natural conception (1:30000). We describe a case of a 36-year-old nulliparous. She presented to our department in the 4 + 6 gestational week with two simultaneous pregnancies intrauterine and extrauterine. Here, we compare treatment options and ultrasound findings to help examiners avoid inadequate therapeutic approaches.

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