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Pretzsch, E.; Max, N.; Kirchner, T.; Engel, J.; Werner, J.; Klauschen, F.; Angele, M. K. and Neumann, J. (2021): LIN28 promotes tumorigenesis in colorectal cancer but is not associated with metastatic spread. In: Pathology Research and Practice, Vol. 228, 153669

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Background: Tumor stem cells play a role in metastatic spread in colorectal cancer (CRC). The oncogene LIN28A/ B, a prognostic marker in CRC, is involved in tumorigenesis and maintains stem cell function. Therefore, it was the aim of the present study to clarify whether LIN28A/B is involved in metastatic spread in CRC. Methods: Expression of LIN28A/B was analyzed in patients with colon adenocarcinoma in a matched case-control study comparing patients with corresponding liver metastases (n = 42) and patients without hepatic spread within five years (n = 42) by applying immunohistochemistry. Further, LIN28A/B expression was correlated with stem cell associated markers (SOX2, CD133). Results: LIN28A and B expression significantly correlated with SOX2 expression (p = .02, and p = .04 respectively) but not with CD133 expression. This correlation between LIN28 A/B and SOX2 was not reflected in differences in hepatic spread. In this respect, there was no significant association between LIN28A/B expression and liver metastases. Conclusion: LIN28A/B might be involved in tumor initiation and progression in CRC but is not associated with hepatic spread.

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