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Preuss, Ulrich W.; Huestis, Marilyn A.; Schneider, Miriam; Hermann, Derik; Lutz, Beat; Hasan, Alkomiet; Kambeitz, Joseph; Wong, Jessica W. M. and Hoch, Eva (28. May 2021): Cannabis Use and Car Crashes: A Review. In: Frontiers in Psychiatry, Vol. 12, 643315 [PDF, 496kB]


In this review, state-of-the-art evidence on the relationship between cannabis use, traffic crash risks, and driving safety were analyzed. Systematic reviews, meta-analyses, and other relevant papers published within the last decade were systematically searched and synthesized. Findings show that meta-analyses and culpability studies consistently indicate a slightly but significantly increased risk of crashes after acute cannabis use. These risks vary across included study type, crash severity, and method of substance application and measurement. Some studies show a significant correlation between high THC blood concentrations and car crash risk. Most studies do not support this relationship at lower THC concentrations. However, no scientifically supported clear cut-off concentration can be derived from these results. Further research is needed to determine dose-response effects on driving skills combined with measures of neuropsychological functioning related to driving skills and crash risk.

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