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Renken, C.; Nathues, C.; Swam, H.; Fiebig, K.; Weiss, C.; Eddicks, M.; Ritzmann, M. and Nathues, H. (2021): Application of an economic calculator to determine the cost of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome at farm-level in 21 pig herds in Germany. In: Porcine Health Management, Vol. 7, No. 1, 3

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BackgroundPorcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus (PRRSV) continues to be a major economic issue for the swine industry worldwide, not only due to acute outbreaks but also endemic infections. PRRS disease severity and consequently financial losses can vary greatly between endemically infected farms and estimation of damage is challenging. This study aimed to assess the economic effect of PRRS in a systematic way at individual farm-level for endemically infected herds, using a PRRS cost simulation tool. In total 21 German sow herds with endemic PRRSV infection were investigated. Data on health and production performance, farm management and environment to be fed into the calculator was collected on each farm, and blood samples taken to confirm the PRRSV status.ResultsAll study farms experienced a significant loss attributable to PRRS. The median farm budget across all farms was -31 Euro per sow and year, compared to a median simulated farm budget of 248 Euro if these farms had been PRRSV negative. The median total loss attributable to PRRS was 74,181 Euro per farm per year, corresponding to a median total loss per sow and year of 255 Euro. The impact of PRRS on farm profits was -19.1% on average and-41% in the worst case.ConclusionsThe calculated losses give a good hint of the economic damage due to PRRS for the pig industry. Even in endemically infected farms, farmers face a non-negligible damage and profit from a concerted PRRS control. The calculator has proven itself in the field to render a valid estimation of losses due to PRRS in endemically infected farms.

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