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Ruther, C.; Hummel, J.; Pelshenke, A.; Voigt, V. and Klein, C. (2021): Kinderrechte in der Kindermedizin. In: Monatsschrift Kinderheilkunde, Vol. 169, No. 6: pp. 507-514

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Background The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UN CRC) plays an important role in the healthcare system, especially for pediatric medicine. Nevertheless, so far the rights of sick children have not been adequately taken into account in German healthcare policies. In particular, attention to the participative rights necessitates a high degree of creativity and engagement in the clinical routine and is in no way taken for granted. Objective Practical implementation of children's rights in pediatric medicine. Material and methods Analysis of empirical data from German children's hospitals, presentation of various case examples and discussion of healthcare policy framework conditions. Results Various approaches for an improved implementation of children's rights are emerging in German children's hospitals;however, awareness of children's rights in pediatric medicine needs to be strengthened further. The rights of sick children and the importance of pediatric medicine for the whole of society are not the focus of the decision-making process in healthcare policy. Conclusion To adequately implement children's rights in the German healthcare system it is imperative to create more awareness for the principles of the UN CRC. This can be achieved primarily by creating appropriate healthcare policy framework conditions as well as specific training and education of medical and nursing personnel.

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