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Spiro, Judith Eva, Ceelen, Felix, Kneidinger, Nikolaus, Sommer, Wieland Heinrich, Schinner, Regina, Dinkel, Julien and Hesse, Nina (2021): Structured Reporting of Computed Tomography Examinations in Post-Lung Transplantation Patients. In: Journal of Computer Assisted Tomography, Vol. 45, No. 6: pp. 959-963

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Objective The aim of this study was to evaluate the benefits and potential of structured reports (SR) for chest computed tomography after lung transplantation. Methods Free-text reports (FTR) and SR were generated for 49 computed tomography scans. Clinical routine reports were used as FTR. Two pulmonologists rated formal aspects, completeness, clinical utility, and overall quality. Wilcoxon and McNemar tests were used for statistical analysis. Results Structured reports received significantly higher ratings for all formals aspects (P < 0.001, respectively). Completeness was higher in SR with regard to evaluation of bronchiectases, bronchial anastomoses, bronchiolitic and fibrotic changes (P < 0.001, respectively), and air trapping (P = 0.012), but not signs of pneumonia (P = 0.5). Clinical utility and overall quality were rated significantly higher for SR than FTR (P < 0.001, respectively). However, report type did not influence initiation of further diagnostic or therapeutic measures (P = 0.307 and 1.0). Conclusions Structured reports are superior to FTR with regard to formal aspects, completeness, clinical utility, and overall satisfaction of referring pulmonologists.

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