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Straka, Hans; Paulin, Michael G. and Hoffman, Larry F. (4. June 2021): Translations of Steinhausen's Publications Provide Insight Into Their Contributions to Peripheral Vestibular Neuroscience. In: Frontiers in Neurology, Vol. 12, 676723 [PDF, 2MB]


The quantitative relationship between angular head movement and semicircular canal function is most often referenced to the well-known torsion-pendulum model that predicts cupular displacement from input head acceleration. The foundation of this model can be traced back to Steinhausen's series of papers between 1927 and 1933 whereby he endeavored to document observations of cupular displacements that would directly infer movement of the endolymph resulting from angular rotation. He also was the first to establish the direct relationship between cupular displacement and compensatory eye movements. While the chronology of these findings, with their successes and pitfalls, are documented in Steinhausen's work, it reflects a fascinating journey that has been inaccessible to the non-German speaking community. Therefore, the present compilation of translations, with accompanying introduction and discussion, was undertaken to allow a larger component of the vestibular scientific community to gain insight into peripheral labyrinthine mechanics provided by this historical account.

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