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Wal, Serita van der; Smit, Nico J.; Bruce, Niel L.; Olaosebikan, Babatunde and Hadfield, Kerry A. (2021): Two new species of branchial fish parasitic isopod of the genus Mothocya Costa, in Hope, 1851 (Isopoda, Cymothoidae) from Nigeria. In: International Journal for Parasitology-Parasites and Wildlife, Vol. 15: pp. 1-11

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The branchial attaching, fish parasitic genus Mothocya Costa, in Hope, 1851 is recorded for the first time from Nigerian brackish waters on Monodactylus sebae (Perciformes: Monodactylidae). Mothocya andoni n. sp. is characterised by a trapezoid-shaped cephalon with a subtruncate rostrum;pereonite 1 anterolateral angles only reaching to the posterior margin of the eyes;particularly large and wide coxa 7 extending to pleonite 4;pereopod 7 with a narrow basis;broadly rounded pleotelson;and uropods extending to the pleotelson posterior margin, with subequal rami. Mothocya powelli n. sp. is characterised by its small size (7 mm);a posteriorly ovoid body shape;cephalon anterior margin truncate;a short pleon with pleotelson lateral margins converging to a narrowly rounded apex;pleonite lateral margins overlapped by pereonite 7;slender uropods that extend to the posterior margin of the pleotelson with the uropodal exopod almost double the length of the endopod.

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