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Wirner, Corinna; Pott, Claudia; Kirschneck, Michaela and Coenen, Michaela (2021): Das Konstrukt Gesundheitskompetenz in Ausbildung und Studium der Physiotherapie in Deutschland – Ergebnisse einer Dokumentenanalyse. In: Physioscience, Vol. 17, No. 2: pp. 66-74

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Background Physiotherapists play a key role in promoting patients' health literacy. Those physiotherapists, in turn, show a great interest in deepening their knowledge on health literacy. Among other things, training is seen as an important aspect for expanding knowledge on this topic. Objective An explorative study to examine to what extent health literacy is embedded in curricula of vocational and academic physiotherapy education in Germany. Method An analysis of vocational and academic physiotherapy training documents (e.g. curricula, module descriptions) was carried out. In the context of preparatory work, an expert workshop was held to develop the basis of the coding guideline used in the analyses. The documents were analyzed using structured content analysis according to Mayring. Results Out of 27 analyzed documents, only one source mentioned the term health literacy explicitly. However, important skills and abilities for promoting the patients' health literacy, such as communication skills, are taught during vocational and academic physiotherapy training. Conclusion Both in vocational and academic physiotherapy training, the topic of health literacy is not sufficiently anchored. By raising awareness and including it in the curricula, the explicit knowledge of the physiotherapists can be deepened and thus their key role in the promotion of patients' health literacy can be further extended.

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