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Widmann, Rainer; Rose, Michael and Chugunova, Marina (21. August 2023): Allegations of Sexual Misconduct, Accused Scientists, and Their Research. Collaborative Research Center Transregio 190, Discussion Paper No. 419 [PDF, 279kB]


Does the scientific community sanction sexual misconduct? Using a sample of scientists accused of sexual misconduct at US universities, we find that their prior work is cited less after allegations surface. The effect weakens with distance in the coauthorship network, indicating that researchers learn about allegations through their peers. Among the closest peers, male authors react more strongly, suggesting that they feel a greater need to disassociate themselves from the accused. In male-dominated fields, the effects on citations are more muted. Accused scientists are more likely to leave academic research, to move to non-university institutions, and to publish less.

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