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Klein-Hessling, Christian and Sunkel, Karlheinz (2022): Synthesis and Spectroscopic Characterization of the Four Complete Series [(C5XnH5-n)Fe(CO)(2)R] (X= Cl, Br;R= Me, Ph;n=1-5). Molecular and Crystal Structures of [(C5X5)Fe(CO)(2)R]. In: Chemistryselect, Vol. 7, No. 33 [PDF, 1MB]


The complete series of chloro- and bromo-cyclopentadienyl carbonyl complexes [(C5XnH5-n)Fe(CO)(2)R] (n=1-5, R=Me, Ph) could be prepared from the unsubstituted parent compounds via a sequence of lithiations and electrophilic halogenations. All four pentahaloyclopentadienyl complexes were studied by X-ray diffraction and show an interplay of weak intermolecular X horizontal ellipsis X, X horizontal ellipsis O and X horizontal ellipsis H interactions.

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