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Haszprunar, Gerhard; Wendler, Sabrina Y. C.; Jöst, Anna B.; Ruthensteiner, Bernhard and Heß, Martin (2022): 3D-anatomy and systematics of cocculinid-like limpets (Gastropoda: Cocculiniformia): more data, some corrections, but still an enigma. In: Zoomorphology, Vol. 141, No. 2: pp. 151-171 [PDF, 3MB]


New material and new methodologies substantially widen the anatomical knowledge on cocculinid limpets. We first provide 3D-anatomies of Fedikovella caymanensis and Teuthirostria cancellata based on serial sections. Both species differ in several major points (mainly the gill-type and several features of the alimentary tract) from typical cocculinids, accordingly they are classified in a new clade, Teuthirostriidae fam. nov. Specimens studied by McLean and Harasewych (LA County Mus Contrib Sci 453:1-33, 1995) under Fedikovella beanii probably represent another species new to science. Additional investigations of original (type) section series of Cocculina laevis Thiele, 1904 (type species of Paracocculina Haszprunar, 1987) and of Cocculina radiata Thiele, 1904 (type species of Coccocrater Haszprunar, 1987) imply some nomenclatorial revisions: Cocculina cervae Fleming, 1948 is designated as type species of Pedococculina gen. nov. Anatomical characters confirm the subsequent placement of Cocculina viminensis Rocchini, 1990 into Coccopigya Marshall, 1986, whereas the original generic status of the whale-fall inhabitant Cocculina craigsmithi McLean, 1992 is confirmed despite the unusual habitat. The latter species probably has symbiotic bacteria in the midgut gland;if so this might be due to the environmental and feeding conditions at whale cadavers or hydrothermal vents. Contrary to Lepetelloidea, the Cocculiniformia cannot be included in Vetigastropoda. Recent molecular data support a sistergroup relationship of Cocculiniformia with Neomphalida, and we add the phenotypic perspective on this so-called Neomphaliones-hypothesis. In particular, more phylogenomic data are needed to specify the position of Cocculinida among the rhipidoglossate Gastropoda.

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