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Vorstandlechner, Maximilian ORCID logoORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-0824-9359; Obermeier, Katharina T.; Schneider, Christian P.; Fertmann, Jan M.; Smolka, Wenko; Michel, Sebastian; Veit, Tobias; Irlbeck, Michael; Tomasi, Roland; Hatz, Rudolf A. and Kauke, Teresa (2023): Influence of dental status on outcome after lung transplantation. In: Oral Diseases [PDF, 782kB]


Introduction Poor oral hygiene can cause infections and inflammatory diseases. Data on its impact on outcome after lung transplantation (LuTX) is scarce. Most transplant centers have individual standards regarding dental care as there is no clinical guideline. This study's objective was to assess LuTX-listed patient's dental status and determine its effect on postoperative outcome.

Methods Two hundred patients having undergone LuTX from 2014 to 2019 were selected. Collected data comprised LuTX-indication, periodontal status, and number of carious teeth/fillings. A preoperative panoramic dental X-ray and a dentist's consultative clarification were mandatory.

Results 63.5% had carious dental status, differing significantly regarding TX-indication (p < 0.001; ILD: 41.7% vs. CF: 3.1% of all patients with carious teeth). Mean age at the time of LuTX differed significantly within these groups. Neither preoperative carious dental status nor periodontitis or bone loss deteriorated post-LuTX survival significantly. No evidence was found that either resulted in a greater number of deaths related to an infectious etiology.

Conclusion This study shows that carious dental status, periodontitis, and bone loss do not affect post-TX survival. However, literature indicates that they can cause systemic/pulmonary infections that deteriorate post-LuTX survival. Regarding the absence of standardized guidelines regarding dental care and LuTX, we strongly recommend emphasizing research in this field.

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