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Aloyce, Diana; Mshana, Gerry; Peter, Esther; Malibwa, Donati; Buller, Ana Maria; Mchome, Zaina; Kapiga, Saidi and Stöckl, Heidi ORCID logoORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-0907-8483 (2023): Pathways of romantic jealousy to intimate partner violence in Mwanza, northern Tanzania. In: Family Relations [PDF, 776kB]


Objective The goal of this research is to establish the pathways through which romantic jealousy leads to intimate partner violence.

Background Physical and/or sexual intimate partner violence is widespread, with one in four women reporting it globally. Romantic jealousy is a known risk factor for intimate partner violence, yet little is known about the pathways that link it to intimate partner violence, especially in Africa.

Method We used a qualitative design, interviewing 18 adult women in Northern Tanzania to understand their experiences and reflections of intimate partner violence. To grasp the mechanisms through which jealousy can trigger intimate partner violence, our analysis utilizes the concept of hegemonic masculinity.

Results Intimate partner violence and romantic jealousy emerged as major issues in women's lives in this study. We established six pathways linking these variables: women confronting their partners because of infidelity, partners' anger because women confronted their mistress, women refusing to have sex or talk with their partners because they were jealous, male partners failing to control or regulate their emotions and becoming violent, and men feeling that their masculinity is threatened.

Conclusion In this study, intimate partner violence against women was largely men's reaction to their interpretation of perceived triggers of romantic jealousy and emotions as a threat to their masculinity and dominance.

Implications Interventions aiming to prevent intimate partner violence need to address the pathways linking the violence to romantic jealousy and include this connection in their programming.

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