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Yumusak, Cigdem; Mayr, Felix; Wielend, Dominik; Kahraman, Bilge; Kanbur, Yasin; Langhals, Heinz and Irimia-Vladu, Mihai (2022): 1,7-diazaperylene in Organic Field Effect Transistors. In: Israel Journal of Chemistry, Vol. 62, No. 7-8, e202100126

Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


A thorough material characterization of 1,7-diazaperylene via multiple investigation techniques (cyclic voltammetry, photoluminescence, photoluminescence excitation, impedance spectroscopy) was performed to understand its applicability in organic electronic devices. The recorded data of this perylene derivative was placed in conjunction with the respective data of the parent perylene molecule, and the behavior of this novel compound in organic electronic devices (planar diodes and field effect transistors explained). Although no photovoltaic effect behavior was recorded in planar diodes where 1,7-diazaperylene was employed both as a donor as well as an acceptor, the perylene derivatives proves functional as dielectric layer in organic field effect transistors.

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