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Buske, C.; Dreyling, M.; Alvarez-Larran, A.; Apperley, J.; Arcaini, L.; Besson, C.; Bullinger, L.; Corradini, P.; Della Porta, M. Giovanni; Dimopoulos, M.; D'Sa, S.; Eich, H. T.; Foa, R.; Ghia, P.; da Silva, M. G.; Gribben, J.; Hajek, R.; Harrison, C.; Heuser, M.; Kiesewetter, B.; Kiladjian, J. J.; Kroeger, N.; Moreau, P.; Passweg, J. R.; Peyvandi, F.; Rea, D.; Ribera, J.-M.; Robak, T.; San-Miguel, J. F.; Santini, V.; Sanz, G.; Sonneveld, P.; Lilienfeld-Toal, M. von; Wendtner, C.; Pentheroudakis, G. and Passamonti, F. (2022): Managing hematological cancer patients during the COVID-19 pandemic: an ESMO-EHA Interdisciplinary Expert Consensus. In: ESMO Open, Vol. 7, No. 2, 100403

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Background: The COVID-19 pandemic has created enormous challenges for the clinical management of patients with hematological malignancies (HMs), raising questions about the optimal care of this patient group. Methods: This consensus manuscript aims at discussing clinical evidence and providing expert advice on statements related to the management of HMs in the COVID-19 pandemic. For this purpose, an international consortium was established including a steering committee, which prepared six working packages addressing significant clinical questions from the COVID-19 diagnosis, treatment, and mitigation strategies to specific HMs management in the pandemic. During a virtual consensus meeting, including global experts and lead by the European Society for Medical Oncology and the European Hematology Association, statements were discussed and voted upon. When a consensus could not be reached, the panel revised statements to develop consensual clinical guidance. Results and conclusion: The expert panel agreed on 33 statements, reflecting a consensus, which will guide clinical decision making for patients with hematological neoplasms during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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