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Freytag, Lysander; Alfertshofer, Michael G.; Frank, Konstantin; Moellhoff, Nicholas; Helm, Sabrina; Redaelli, Alessio; Voropai, Daria; Hernandez, Claudia A.; Green, Jeremy B. and Cotofana, Sebastian (2022): Understanding Facial Aging Through Facial Biomechanics A Clinically Applicable Guide for Improved Outcomes. In: Facial Plastic Surgery Clinics of North America, Vol. 30, No. 2: pp. 125-133

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Understanding the individual changes of facial soft tissues that contribute to the overarching process termed facial aging is challenging. The resulting effect, however, facial soft tissue descent, is understandable in the context of facial biomechanics. To date no scientific report has summarized and combined both facial concepts (facial aging and facial biomechanics) to delineate principles for soft tissue filler injections. The 3 principles presented herein are not in and of themselves novel because they are performed on a relatively regular basis in clinical practice. The presented work, however, does distill the current available knowledge into 3 principles, which hopefully will guide practitioners toward increasing efficiency when ameliorating the signs of facial aging. Nevertheless, individualized treatments following patient assessment in combination with the esthetic desires of the patient will require adaptation and customization of the learnings presented herein.

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