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Koutsouleris, Nikolaos; Hauser, Tobias U.; Skvortsova, Vasilisa and De Choudhury, Munmun (2022): From promise to practice: towards the realisation of AI-informed mental health care. In: Lancet Digital Health, Vol. 4, No. 11, e829-e840

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In this Series paper, we explore the promises and challenges of artificial intelligence (AI)-based precision medicine tools in mental health care from clinical, ethical, and regulatory perspectives. The real-world implementation of these tools is increasingly considered the prime solution for key issues in mental health, such as delayed, inaccurate, and inefficient care delivery. Similarly, machine-learning-based empirical strategies are becoming commonplace in psychiatric research because of their potential to adequately deconstruct the biopsychosocial complexity of mental health disorders, and hence to improve nosology of prognostic and preventive paradigms. However, the implementation steps needed to translate these promises into practice are currently hampered by multiple interacting challenges. These obstructions range from the current technology-distant state of clinical practice, over the lack of valid real-world databases required to feed data-intensive AI algorithms, to model development and validation considerations being disconnected from the core principles of clinical utility and ethical acceptability. In this Series paper, we provide recommendations on how these challenges could be addressed from an interdisciplinary perspective to pave the way towards a framework for mental health care, leveraging the combined strengths of human intelligence and AI.

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