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Muerth, Markus; Mauser, Wolfram; Heinzeller, Christoph (2010): Impact of potential climate change on plant available soil water and percolation in the Upper Danube basin. HydroPredict 2010, 20. - 23. September 2010, Prag, Tschechische Republik.


The soil root zone of the land surface provides plants with water for transpiration and therefore biomass production and its excess water percolates downwards and ultimately recharges the groundwater aquifers. Within the project GLOWA-Danube regional scale impacts of climate change on the water cycle are investigated. Potential changes in the water cycle based on climate scenarios for 2011 to 2060 are simulated with the decision support system DANUBIA that integrates models of natural as well as social sciences. This article presents the results of DANUBIA driven by an ensemble of 12 climates scenarios generated with a stochastic climate simulator regarding the future state of soil moisture and groundwater recharge in the Upper Danube basin.