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Spiess, M. and Hamerle, Alfred (1996): Estimation of multivariate probit models: A mixed generalized estimating/pseudo-score equations approach and some finite sample results. Collaborative Research Center 386, Discussion Paper 46 [PDF, 355kB]


In the present paper a mixed approach is proposed for the simultaneously estimation of regression and correlation structure parameters in multivariate probit models using generalized estimating equations for the former and pseudo-score equations for the latter. The finite sample properties of the corresponding estimators are compared to estimators proposed by Qu, Williams, Beck and Medendorp (1992) and Qu, Piedmonte and Williams (1994) using generalized estimating equations for both sets of parameters via a Monte Carlo experiment. As a `reference' estimator for an equicorrelation model, the maximum likelihood (ML) estimator of the random effects probit model is calculated. The results show the mixed approach to be the most robust approach in the sense that the number of datasets for which the corresponding estimates converged was largest relative to the other two approaches. Furthermore, the mixed approach led to the most efficient non-ML estimators and to very efficient estimators for regression and correlation structure parameters relative to the ML estimator if individual covariance matrices were used.

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