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Santner, Thomas J. and Pan, Guohua (1996): The Use of Subset Selection in Combined Array Experiments to Determine Optimal Product or Process Designs. (REVISED, June 1997). Collaborative Research Center 386, Discussion Paper 51 [PDF, 293kB]


A number of authors in the quality control literature have advocated the use of combined-arrays in screening experiments to identify robust product or process designs [Shoemaker, Tsui, and Wu (1991); Nair et al. (1992); Myers, Khuri, and Vining (1992), for example]. This paper considers a product manufacturing or process design setting in which there are several factors under the control of the manufacturer, called control settings, and other environmental (noise) factors that that vary under field or manufacturing conditions. We show how Gupta's subset selection philosophy can be used in such a quality improvement setting to identify combinations of the levels of the control factors that correspond either to products that are robust to environmental variations during their use or to processes that fabricate items whose quality is independent of the variations in the raw materials used in their manufacture. [Gupta (1956, 1965)].

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