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John, Annamma; Philip, Daizy; Stock, Norbert; Schnick, Wolfgang ORCID: 0000-0003-4571-8035; Devanarayanan, S. (2001): Vibrational analysis of Ag3(PO2NH)3, Na3(PO2NH)3.H2O, Na3(PO2NH)3.4H2O, [C(NH2)3]3(PO2NH)3.H2O and (NH4)4(PO2NH)4.4H2O. In: Spectrochimica acta, A, Vol. 57, No. 5: pp. 959-969


FT IR and FT Raman spectra of Ag3(PO2NH), (Compound I), Na3(PO2NH)3.H2O (Compound II), Na3(PO2NH)3.4H2O (Compound III), [C(NH2)3]3(PO2NH)3.H2O (Compound IV) and (NH4)4(PO2NH)4.4H2O (Compound V) are recorded and analyzed on the basis of the anions, cations and water molecules present in each of them. The PO2NH− anion ring in compound I is distorted due to the influence of Ag+ cation. Wide variation in the hydrogen bond lengths in compound III is indicated by the splitting of the v2 and v3 modes of vibration of water molecules. The NH4 ion in compound V occupies lower site symmetry and exhibits hindered rotation in the lattice. The correlations between the symmetric and asymmetric stretching vibrations of P-N-P bridge and the P-N-P bond angle have also been discussed.