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Cançado, L. G.; Jorio, Ado; Ismach, A.; Joselevich, E.; Hartschuh, Achim and Novotny, Lukas (2009): Mechanism of Near-Field Raman Enhancement in One-Dimensional Systems. In: Physical review letters, Vol. 103, No. 18: pp. 186101-1 [PDF, 787kB]


We develop a theory of near-field Raman enhancement in one-dimensional systems, and report supporting experimental results for carbon nanotubes. The enhancement is established by a laser-irradiated nanoplasmonic structure acting as an optical antenna. The near-field Raman intensity is inversely proportional to the 10th power of the separation between the enhancing structure and the one-dimensional system. Experimental data obtained from single-wall carbon nanotubes indicate that the Raman enhancement process is not significantly influenced by the specific phonon eigenvector, and is mainly defined by the properties of the nanoplasmonic structure.

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