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Piwoński, H.; Hartschuh, Achim; Urbańska, N.; Pietraszkiewicz, M.; Sepioł, J.; Meixner, Alfred Johann; Waluk, Jacek (2009): Polarized Spectroscopy Studies of Single Molecules of Porphycenes. Tautomerism and Orientation. In: The journal of physical chemistry, C, Vol. 113, No. 27: pp. 11514-11519


Using ambient atmosphere instead of pure nitrogen environment enabled efficient recording of room temperature fluorescence from single molecules of porphycenes, chromophores with a high triplet formation efficiency. Double hydrogen transfer between two chemically identical trans tautomers has been demonstrated for parent porphycene and three alkyl derivatives by the analysis of spatial patterns of the emission obtained after raster scanning the sample excited with an appropriately polarized laser beam. Because of tautomerization, fluorescence in porphycenes is due to two nearly orthogonal transition dipole moments. This property allows the spatial orientation of the single molecule chromophores to be determined using radially and azimuthally polarized laser beams as excitation sources.