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Failla, Antonio Virgilio; Qian, Hui; Qian, Huihong; Hartschuh, Achim; Meixner, Alfred Johann (2006): Orientational Imaging of Subwavelength Au Particles with Higher Order Laser Modes. In: Nano Letters, Vol. 6, No. 7: pp. 1374-1378


We present a new method for the imaging of single metallic nanoparticles that provides information about their shape and orientation. Using confocal microscopy in combination with higher order laser modes, scattering images of individual particles are recorded. Gold nanospheres and nonorods render characteristic patterns reflecting the different particle geometries. In the case of nanorods, the scattering patterns also reveal the orientation of the particles. This novel technique provides a promising tool for the visualization of nonbleaching labels in the biosciences.