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Troiber, Christina; Wagner, Ernst (2011): Nucleic Acid Carriers Based on Precise Polymer Conjugates. In: Bioconjugate chemistry, Vol. 22, No. 9: pp. 1737-1752


Polymer polydispersity, random conjugation of functional groups, and poorly understood structure–activity relationships have constantly hampered progress in the development of nucleic acid carriers. This review focuses on the synthetic concepts for the generation of precise polymers, site-specific conjugation strategies, and multifunctional conjugates for nucleic acid transport. Dendrimers, defined peptide carriers, sequence-defined polyamidoamines assembled by solid-phase supported synthesis, and precise lipopeptides or lipopolymers have been characterized for pDNA and siRNA delivery. Conjugation techniques such as click chemistries and peptide ligation are available for conjugating polymers with functional transport elements such as targeting or shielding domains and for direct covalent modification of therapeutic nucleic acids in a site-specific mode.