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Schaffert, David; Badgujar, Naresh and Wagner, Ernst (2011): Novel Fmoc-Polyamino Acids for Solid-Phase Synthesis of Defined Polyamidoamines. In: Organic letters, Vol. 13, No. 7: pp. 1586-1589 [PDF, 738kB]


A versatile solid-phase approach to sequence-defined polyamidoamines was developed. Four different Fmoc-polyamino acid building blocks were synthesized by selective protection of symmetrical oligoethylenimine precursors followed by introduction of a carboxylic acid handle using cyclic anhydrides and subsequent Fmoc-protection. The novel Fmoc-polyamino acids were used to construct polyamidoamines demonstrating complete compatibility to standard Fmoc reaction conditions. The straightforward synthesis of the building blocks and the high efficiency of the solid-phase coupling reactions allow the versatile synthesis of defined polycations.

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