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Thamerus, Markus (1997): Different Nonlinear Regression Models with Incorrectly Observed Covariates. Collaborative Research Center 386, Discussion Paper 68 [PDF, 287kB]


We present quasi-likelihood models for different regression problems when one of the explanatory variables is measured with heteroscedastic error. In order to derive models for the observed data the conditional mean and variance functions of the regression models are only expressed through functions of the observable covariates. The latent covariable is treated as a random variable that follows a normal distribution. Furthermore it is assumed that enough additional information is provided to estimate the individual measurement error variances, e.g. through replicated measurements of the fallible predictor variable. The discussion includes the polynomial regression model as well as the probit and logit model for binary data, the Poisson model for count data and ordinal regression models.

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