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Renner, Susanne S.; Hausner, Gerlinde (2000): New Species of Siparuna (Siparunaceae) III. Three new species and one newly ranked entity from Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. In: Novon, Vol. 10, No. 2: pp. 134-143


Three new species of Siparuna (Siparunaceae) are described, illustrated, and placed in a phylogenetic context: S. gentryana from western Ecuador and adjacent Colombia, S. lozaniana from the western Andes in Colombia, and S. vasqueziana from Amazonian Peru. In addition, Siparuna calantha from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, originally described by Janet Perkins as a variety of a Mexican entity, is raised to species rank because its broader leaves and more numerous carpels readily distinguish it from its apparent closest relative, a species from the western Colombian Andes. Each of the species is known from several collections, which allowed the secure matching of sexual morphs in the three that are dioecious.