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Renner, Susanne S. and Beck, Stephan G. (2003): A new Miconia (Melastomatacaeae) from Bolivia, with remarks on angular-branched species in the Andes. In: Novon, Vol. 13, No. 1: pp. 110-112 [PDF, 187kB]


A new species of Melastomataceae frorm Bolivia is described, illustrated and placed in a phenetic context within Miconia, a genus of 1000 species and about 2000 published names. Miconia quadrialata is readily distinguished from its Congeners by two-colored leaves and sharply four-angular and winged branchlets. A search for quadrangular-branched miconias revealed that 12 of 15 such species (in four sections), including the new species, occur in cloud forest in the Andes, raising the question of the adaptive significance of quadrangular branchlets.

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