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Telford, Ian R. H.; Schaefer, Hanno; Greuter, Werner and Renner, Susanne S. (2011): A new Australian species of Luffa (Cucurbitaceae) and typification of two Australian Cucumis names, all based on specimens collected by Ferdinand Mueller in 1856. In: PhytoKeys, No. 5: pp. 21-29 [PDF, 5MB]

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As a result of his botanical explorations in northern Australia, Ferdinand von Mueller named several Cucurbitaceae that molecular data now show to be distinct, requiring their resurrection from unjustified synonymy. We here describe and illustrate Luffa saccata F. Muell. ex I.Telford, validating a manuscript name listed under L. graveolens Roxb. since 1859, and we lectotypify Cucumis picrocarpus F. Muell. and C. jucundus F. Muell. The lectotype of the name C. jucundus, a synonym of C. melo, is mounted on the same sheet as the lectotype of C. picrocarpus, which is the sister species of the cultivated C. melo as shown in a recent publication.

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