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Leibold, Christian; Kempter, Richard; Hemmen, Jan Leo van (10. Dezember 2001): Temporal Map Formation in the Barn Owl’s Brain. In: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 87, Nr. 24: S. 248101


Barn owls provide an experimentally well-specified example of a temporal map, a neuronal representation of the outside world in the brain by means of time. Their laminar nucleus exhibits a place code of interaural time differences, a cue which is used to determine the azimuthal location of a sound stimulus, e.g., prey. We analyze a model of synaptic plasticity that explains the formation of such a representation in the young bird and show how in a large parameter regime a combination of local and nonlocal synaptic plasticity yields the temporal map as found experimentally. Our analysis includes the effect of nonlinearities as well as the influence of neuronal noise.