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Alferes, José Júlio; Bailey, James; Berndtsson, Mikael; Bry, François; Dietrich, Jens; Kozlenkov, Alexander; May, Wolfgang; Patrânjan, Paula Lavinia; Pinto, Alexandre; Schroeder, Michael and Wagner, Gerd (5. August 2004): State-of-the-art on evolution and reactivity. [PDF, 817kB]


This report starts by, in Chapter 1, outlining aspects of querying and updating resources on the Web and on the Semantic Web, including the development of query and update languages to be carried out within the Rewerse project. From this outline, it becomes clear that several existing research areas and topics are of interest for this work in Rewerse. In the remainder of this report we further present state of the art surveys in a selection of such areas and topics. More precisely: in Chapter 2 we give an overview of logics for reasoning about state change and updates; Chapter 3 is devoted to briefly describing existing update languages for the Web, and also for updating logic programs; in Chapter 4 event-condition-action rules, both in the context of active database systems and in the context of semistructured data, are surveyed; in Chapter 5 we give an overview of some relevant rule-based agents frameworks.

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