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Furche, Tim; Bry, François; Schaffert, Sebastian; Orsini, Renzo; Horrocks, Ian; Kraus, Michael and Bolzer, Oliver (8. September 2004): Survey over Existing Query and Transformation Languages. [PDF, 917kB]


A widely acknowledged obstacle for realizing the vision of the Semantic Web is the inability of many current Semantic Web approaches to cope with data available in such diverging representation formalisms as XML, RDF, or Topic Maps. A common query language is the first step to allow transparent access to data in any of these formats. To further the understanding of the requirements and approaches proposed for query languages in the conventional as well as the Semantic Web, this report surveys a large number of query languages for accessing XML, RDF, or Topic Maps. This is the first systematic survey to consider query languages from all these areas. From the detailed survey of these query languages, a common classification scheme is derived that is useful for understanding and differentiating languages within and among all three areas.

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