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Alferes, José Júlio; Berndtsson, Mikael; Bry, François; Eckert, Michael; Henze, Nicola; May, Wolfgang; Patrânjan, Paula Lavinia and Schroeder, Michael (28. February 2005): Use-cases on evolution. [PDF, 528kB]


This report presents a set of use cases for evolution and reactivity for data in the Web and Semantic Web. This set is organized around three different case study scenarios, each of them is related to one of the three different areas of application within Rewerse. Namely, the scenarios are: “The Rewerse Information System and Portal”, closely related to the work of A3 – Personalised Information Systems; “Organizing Travels”, that may be related to the work of A1 – Events, Time, and Locations; “Updates and evolution in bioinformatics data sources” related to the work of A2 – Towards a Bioinformatics Web.

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