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Kotowski, Jakub; Bry, François and Eisinger, Norbert (2011): A Potpourri of Reason Maintenance Methods. Incremental View Maintenance Reconsidered. [PDF, 553kB]


We present novel methods to compute changes to materialized views in logic databases like those used by rule-based reasoners. Such reasoners have to address the problem of changing axioms in the presence of materializations of derived atoms. Existing approaches have drawbacks: some require to generate and evaluate large transformed programs that are in Datalog - while the source program is in Datalog and significantly smaller; some recompute the whole extension of a predicate even if only a small part of this extension is affected by the change. The methods presented in this article overcome these drawbacks and derive additional information useful also for explanation, at the price of an adaptation of the semi-naive forward chaining.

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