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Kotowski, Jakub; Bry, François (2009): A Perfect Match for Reasoning, Explanation, and Reason Maintenance. Third International Conference, RR 2009, 25. - 26. Oktober 2009, Chantilly, USA.


Path query languages have been previously shown to com- plement RDF rule languages in a natural way and have been used as a means to implement the RDFS derivation rules. RPL is a novel path query language specifically designed to be incorporated with RDF rules and comes in three avors: Node-, edge- and path- avored expressions allow to express conditional regular expressions over the nodes, edges, or nodes and edges appearing on paths within RDF graphs. Providing reg- ular string expressions and negation, RPL is more expressive than other RDF path languages that have been proposed. We give a compositional semantics for RPL and show that it can be evaluated efficiently, while several possible extensions of it cannot.