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Liu, Jing; Lluis, Anna; Illi, Sabina; Layland, Laura; Olek, Sven; Mutius, Erika von; Schaub, Bianca (2010): T regulatory cells in cord blood--FOXP3 demethylation as reliable quantitative marker.
In: PLOS ONE 5(10), e13267


Regulatory T-cells (Tregs), characterized as CD4+CD25(hi) T-cells expressing FOXP3, play a crucial role in controlling healthy immune development during early immune maturation. Recently, FOXP3 demethylation was suggested to be a novel marker for natural Tregs in adults. In cord blood, the role and function of Tregs and its demethylation is poorly understood. We assessed FOXP3 demethylation in cord blood in relation to previously used Treg markers such as CD4+CD25(hi), FOXP3 mRNA, protein expression, and suppressive Treg function.